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App2Tapp is a technology and app development company that features two primary offerings:


Charity Bank Games

CBG is a suite of 8 games of skill that gives players the chance of cash winnings while also providing a fundraising platform for non-profit organizations

Business App Development

Our wide ranging solutions align to the needs of commercial business clients

At the current time, organizations of all shapes and sizes are utilizing apps to increase their level of accessibility to serve brand loyalists that choose to receive their products, services or entertainment. Their primary objective is to seamlessly connect and interact with end users with the ease and touch (we prefer Tapp) of an icon on the face of a mobile device.

Thinking about an app?
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Get in the game and gain with Charity Bank Games
Charities / Fundraising
Our solutions and consultations can help raise critical funds for Non-Profits and Charities
We align business needs and objectives to relevant solutions