About Us

Everything begins with an idea.  Ours was delivered through our mix of business experience, marketing expertise, listening and a collective desire to do good things for worthy causes.

At App2Tapp, what started (and continues) as a business app development company also evolved into a unique gaming app that allows players to have fun and charities to raise money.

After being in the website and marketing space since 2004, App2Tapp was born in 2014 to meet the growing demand and inquiries for apps from our commercial clients.  At that time our portfolio of non-profit organizations began to seek alternatives to the traditional fundraising dinners, silent auctions etc. that were time consuming, expensive and required countless volunteer hours. Charity Bank Games answered the need with an innovative, creative and exciting concept.

Charity Bank Games is an app featuring 8 games of skill that simultaneously gives charities who partner with us the opportunity to raise money.  Prior to playing, the player simply selects the charity of their choice, antes up ($1, $5, $10 or $20) and competes for the chance to win money.  It’s fun and beneficial at the same time!

The CBG app has enabled non-profits to provide a mutually beneficially experience to their supporters  (the chance to have fun and win money while donating money to causes dear to them) that involves no rsvp’s or time commitments.  Critical funds can be raised with no intrusion to the supporters…it’s simply their time, their choice and in their environment whether it’s the middle of the day or evening.  Charitable organizations can also count on App2Tapp to assist with the initiation of their program and get their supporters involved.

App2Tapp also provides marketing assistance and guidance to every client.  All products and services associated with any form of brand extension is available including, but not limited to, marketing consultation, websites, SEO, printing, graphic design, car wraps, apparel and ad specialties.


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