Is there any cost to downloading the Charity Bank Games app?

No. Downloading the app is FREE on both Android and Apple devices. However, in order to play Charity Bank Games, you must “ANTE UP” $1, $5, $10 or $20 and pay with your iTunes, Google Play or Credit card. Charity Bank Games cannot offer the $1 on credit cards due to the high fees associated with accepting a credit card payment.

Can I play Charity Bank Games for FREE?

Charity Bank Games is an app designed for our participating charities to earn valuable funds while our players enjoy playing some of their favorite skilled games. All of the games on the Charity Bank Games app are our versions of familiar and family friendly games already in existence and may be available for free on separate apps. Our Charity Bank Games app is a unique form of entertainment where players can play, be competitive and give back to their favorite charity all in one place!

Can I pick a different charity each time I play?

Yes, each time you play Charity Bank Games, you may choose a different participating charity to play for.

What if I don’t see my charity?

There is an “Appatar” (™) character representing each of our contracted participating charities at the beginning of the app, tap on it to play on their behalf. Also you can try typing in your charity by name in the search bar listing.

How do I get my favorite charity involved?

Please send your favorite charity to http://app2tapp.com/charity-bank-games/ and have them click on REGISTER MY CHARITY. Someone from App2Tapp will contact them back.

How do I get my winnings?

On the app, your registered user account has a “W” or “Winnings” icon. Once you click the “W”, you will be prompted to choose to zero out your account and start the collection process on your winnings. Please see Terms of Agreement for a full explanation about completion of the process.

What if I don’t see a “W” on my account?

The “W” or Winnings account will appear on your account if you are the highest scorer on a particular game. Until that happens, no “W” will appear on your account.

Can I play again from my “W” or Winnings Account?

Yes! Once a player wins a CASH POT, the CBG WALLET will appear on the payment page and the player may play again from their “W” or Winnings account.

Is my “ANTE” tax deductible?

Because each state has different tax deductions guidelines, we advise you to check with your TAX professional to see if you may use your “ANTE” as a deductible donation.