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Cocoa Joe’s is a handmade, chocolate company that specializes in chocolate covered treats ranging from pretzels and Oreos to nut clusters and marshmallows. The company is owned and operated by Alexandra Rose, a young female entrepreneur. The company was started in November of 2015 as a class project at Kent State University where Rose was studying entrepreneurship. While the company’s name is an ode to Rose’s late grandfather Joe who loved sweets, we are looking to catapult the business into the future with innovative takes on classic treats because “everything is better covered in chocolate. Get more information today Click Here

Nancy Musarra, PhD

Dr. Nancy Musarra is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified sport psychologist with more than 17 years of experience counseling children, teens, and adults. She is also a mother to a child with special needs, who inspired her new book, The New Normal – 7 Things To Know As You Care For & Love A Child With Special Needs. She discovered that disabilities do not discriminate and that anyone’s child could be born with or develop a medical or mental health condition. Dr. Musarra interviewed hundreds of fellow parents and caregivers to create this collection of unique stories and reflections.

Dr. Musarra maintains a private practice in Independence, Ohio.

Watkins & Letofsky, LLP

Watkins & Letofsky, LLP, is a full service civil litigation firm offering quality legal services in a broad range of civil practice areas, from construction law and business litigation to employment law, subrogation, family law and elder law. Our clients include businesses, employers, employees, insurance companies, families and individuals throughout California and Nevada. Get more information today Click Here

Whey Better Cookies

· 40 grams of protein in every cookie
· Healthy, nutritious, wholesome
· Great for breakfast, snacks, and after workouts

Can we out-train a bad diet? Can we have a productive day running on empty? For me, the answer is no; I knew I couldn’t get the positive results of exercise if I didn’t couple it with healthy food–and to stay on track, the food also had to taste good and be convenient. So I created these flavorful meal replacement cookies for my family, friends and myself, and now YOU!

Since they are nutritionally superior to fast food meals yet cost less, we enjoy them for breakfast, between meals and after workouts. We love them with hot coffee or a cold drink. I think you will enjoy them, too. Email Charles@WheyBetterCookies and tell me what you think!